What are the Main Components of a Mini Split AC Unit?

Mini-Split air conditioning units have two basic components, both of which are found in traditional central air units or window air conditioners. The difference is the they are separated, or split, for purposes of delivering cooling capacity to areas not reached by duct work. The first component is the cooling unit that is mounted inside the house on a wall or ceiling. It consists of a cooling coil and an air handler which draws in warm air from the room so it can be cooled before it is blown back into the room. These components are mounted high in the room to capture warm air that rises, and also because the cooler air will fall, creating a balanced temperature throughout the room or zone. Single, dual, tri-, and quad- zone systems featuring one to four of these cooling units are offered.

The second component is located outside the house, and consists of a compressor that delivers refrigerant to the various room or zone units. It is typically mounted onto the side of the home or building. Connecting the two units is accomplished with small diameter conduit through which the coolant is delivered and power is run to the individual air handlers. The conduit also contains a condensate drain to remove moisture. These systems usually operate via a remote control, and feature timers to allow for customized climate control.

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