Top Brands of Ductless Mini Split Systems

If you are in the market for a mini split air conditioner, there are several top manufacturers that produce these innovative ductless air conditioning systems. Be sure to peruse their entire selection to ensure choosing the one that best fits your needs.

For all manufactures expect pricing to be based on the number of zones it covers, meaning the number of individual coils that are placed throughout the residence, and also the number of BTU’s the unit will produce. Single zone units feature 12000 to 18000 BTU, while quad zone units have capacities up to 36000 BTU.

Sanyo has been on the leading edge of this technology from the beginning. They produce a wide variety of units including single zone models, and those with dual zone, tri-zone, or quad zone capacity.

Carrier Corporation is another long-term player in the residential air conditioning market. They offer a good variety of ductless / mini split units that cool from one to four zones with excellent efficiency.

Fujitsu General America is known for good quality and value, producing a variety of mini split air conditioning systems to meet your zone cooling needs.

Mitsubishi Electric & Electronics is a company with a long history of producing quality appliances and electronics and their split mini air conditioning systems are highly rated and very efficient.

Also look for quality split mini systems from Sanyo Air Conditioning Products, Klimaire Products, and Enviromaster Intl.

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