Common Types of Mini Split Ductless Systems

Mini Split AC or Ductless Air Conditioners

AC Only units, come in many different cooling capacities that are engineered to provide air conditioning only, to a specific sized area. Some of the AC Only MiniSplit units can provide a limited amount of heating through the use of small electric heat strips, much like those you see inside a hair blow dryer. The small electric heat strips install within the air handler portion (inside the home) and are much more expensive to operate than a heat pump minisplit. A common rule of thumb on heating coils is this: For every dollar of electricity you spend to run the electric heating element, you get a return of one dollar worth of heat! On the heat pump units, you get a return of four dollars of heat, for every one dollar of electricity, making the heat pumps much more energy efficient.

Mini Split Heat Pump Units

Unlike the Ductless AC Units, MiniSplit Heat Pumps provide high efficiency cooling and heat in various capacities. The size you choose depends on the area being conditioned as well as several factors in your home. While the cooling functions are identical to that of an AC only unit, the heat from a heat pump is achieved by reversing the flow of refrigerant, and removing the cold air from the home. Heat Pumps are much more energy efficient, providing approximately 4 times the amount of heating for every dollar spent on electricity!

Multi Zoned Mini Split Ductless Systems

Along with the basic heating and cooling systems, there are zoned options, meaning you can install a Single Zone MiniSplit or a Multi-Zone MiniSplit. In most installations, a multi-zoned minisplit will make use of a larger compressor within the condensing unit outside your home, and have multiple indoor air handlers mounted on the wall or ceiling. If you have more than one room to heat and cool, multizone units may be the best option!

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