Pridiom AMS121HX 12,000 BTU Mini Split Air Conditioner Review

The Pridiom AMS121HX mini split AC is a heat pump that heats in addition to cooling. It features inverter technology that converts AC power to DC, enabling it to vary the speed of the compressor for low, medium and high operation. The value of this is that it can heat or cool quickly with high capacity when first turned on, or it can run at low capacity to do the job more gently and evenly for maintaining the desired temperature. Running on low capacity is quieter, more energy-efficient and does a better job of dehumidification when cooling. The variable-capacity compressor is a big advantage over single-capacity models.

Top Features of the Pridiom AMS121HX Mini Split Air Conditioner

Converter technology produces 3 levels of performance ranging from 5,000 to 16,500 BTU heating and cooling. This allows you to precisely control indoor climate using the electronic thermostat. The 20 SEER cooling efficiency and 10 HSPF heating efficiency qualify this unit as an Energy Star product. The 5.8 COP means that it is 5.8 times more efficient than a space heater when heating. When the Pridiom AMS121HX ductless heat pump replaces a traditional air conditioner and space heater, heating and cooling bills will be reduced by 60% or more.

The unit is easy to operate with the wireless remote that controls the capacity setting and the 3-speed fan. The indoor air handler uses automatic directional louvers to send the air where you want it. If a power outage occurs, the settings are stored and the unit restarts at the same capacity and temperature. The auto mode allows you to set the temperature you want and the unit will determine the capacity and fan speed needed to achieve it.

The 5-year compressor warranty and 3-year parts warranty are slightly better than average for the industry. This unit offers good quality and should work for many years beyond the life of the warranty.

Drawbacks of the Pridiom AMS121HX Mini Split Air Conditioner
The system should be professionally installed because it requires a refrigerant license. Expect $100-$250 in labor costs. The capacity of the unit is rated for about 500 square feet and has a single air handler. For larger spaces or multiple rooms, you might want to consider a larger unit or one that can accept multiple indoor air handlers.

Pridiom AMS121HX Mini Split Air Conditioner Review Conclusion
If you’ve got +/-500 square feet that needs both heating and cooling, the Pridiom AMS121HX mini split air conditioner with heat pump technology will do the job comfortably for years to come while significantly lowering your energy use and bills.