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Mini Split, or Ductless AC and Heat Pumps are very similar to split systems for your home, with one big exception, there is no duct to run through the home or space you want to heat and/or cool. This Ductless design makes them much more affordable, flexible, and easier to install!

Just like a full split ducted system, there are two main components in a basic Mini Split system. Outside, you have the condensing unit, which can be an AC only or a Heat Pump MiniSplit that provides both cooling and heating. Inside the area, instead of an air handler or furnace, you have one component that mounts to a wall or ceiling and vents the conditioned air to your area. There are even some units that are designed to have an appealing look, and resemble a piece of art hanging on your wall!

Types of Mini Split Ductless Units

There are two basic types of Mini Split Ductless Systems. Mini Split AC or Air Conditioners, which are designed to provide cooling only, and Mini Split Heat Pumps, which are designed to both Heat and Cool. Identical in appearance, both units take up the same amount of both indoor and outdoor space. Read more about Types of Ductless Systems

Common Questions About Mini Split Systems

We are in the process of building a thorough FAQ section about Mini Split systems, but the most common questions are usually associated with installation and sizing. These questions will be posted as soon as we get them active on the site.

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Most Popular Ductless Brands

As you start your learning journey into ductless mini splits, you are going to see many brand names. Sanyo produces a wide variety of units including single zone and multi zone models. Carrier Corporation, known for central cooling products, offers variety of ductless mini split units with excellent efficiency. Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, and Klimaire also offer excellent options for Ductless Air Conditioning!

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Installation of Mini Split Air Conditioning System